Trainer Krista Stevens utilizes TikTok, Instagram to give workouts

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Summer time is appropriate about the corner, and if you are 1 of several persons seeking to transform your wellness and exercise patterns, I’m here to enable.

My title is Krista Stevens. I was born and raised in central Florida and not long ago graduated from the College of Florida.

There are a lot of distinctive explanations people hold off their physical fitness journey. In many situations, people just really don’t know exactly where to commence. For other individuals, it may be a absence of motivation, or it may be deemed much too highly-priced.

I’m in this article to help you master the place to begin. I’m also right here to motivate you and clearly show you receiving in form doesn’t have to be an high priced endeavor.

Fitness center memberships expense hundreds of dollars a year and often go unused.

If you choose an at-residence alternative, you may well locate your self missing the inspiration to start and keep your exercise sessions.

Major exercise providers offer at-home, live exercises, the equipment prices hundreds, if not, 1000’s of dollars, and then you pay out an additional every month membership. They do appear to solve the challenge of motivation, but not everybody can find the money for it.

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Krista Stevens, Health columnist

I’m right here to introduce you to my remedy to some of these troubles, even though also giving you strategies each and every month on what you can do to reach your health and fitness plans.

I check out to enable people applying my expertise by means of TikTok.

No, it is not just a location where by people today do silly dances. It is a terrific house for men and women like me to share my experience and interact with the persons who abide by my website page.

I provide cost-free, stay exercises. You won’t genuinely want any tools, even though I do

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Short home workouts can boost your mood and reduce stress : Shots

Add five-minute stints of fun and easy exercise to your day at home by working with what’s around you, says trainer Molly McDonald.

Cha Pornea for NPR

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Cha Pornea for NPR

Add five-minute stints of fun and easy exercise to your day at home by working with what’s around you, says trainer Molly McDonald.

Cha Pornea for NPR

Of all the ways in which the pandemic has affected Americans’ well-being, perhaps the one we’ve noticed least is how much we’re sitting. And it’s not just bad for our waistlines — it’s hurting our mental health.

More than a year and a half of social distancing and work-from-home policies have led to less time moving around and more time sitting and looking at screens — it’s a potentially toxic combination that’s linked with poorer mental health.

“The sneaky effects of the pandemic that we might not even notice [is] that we’ve changed our sitting patterns,” says Jacob Meyer, director of the Wellbeing and Exercise lab at Iowa State University.

His own research showed that in the early weeks of the pandemic, people who exercised less and had more screen time were likely to be stressed, depressed and lonely.

And though most people saw their mental health gradually improve as they adapted to a new reality, people who stayed mostly sedentary didn’t see get the same improvement, according to a follow-up study by Meyer. “People who continued to have really high levels of sitting, their depression didn’t improve” as much, says Meyer.

The good news is that something as simple as some very light movement around the house to break up all that couch surfing time can make a difference in mood, as Meyer’s earlier research has found.

Scores of previous studies confirm that being physically active boosts mood, lowers anxiety and improves sleep quality.

“We know consistently that the more people are active, the more that they exercise, the better their mental health is,” says Meyer.

For many office workers like me, working from home means we’ve fallen into a routine of spending hours at our desk. With another pandemic winter about to hit us and much of the country and the world still dealing with COVID-19, we are often stuck at home more than we’d like, so it’s time to start sitting less and moving around more.

Meyer and other exercise experts shared some tips

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