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By the figures, the good white shark is one of the most fearsome predators to ever exist on world Earth. Take into consideration:

  • The biggest excellent white at any time recorded spanned 20 ft – half the sizing of a university bus — and weighed at the very least 5,000 pounds.
  • At any given minute, fantastic whites possess 300 tooth — measuring up to 6.6 inches — and can regenerate and switch up to 20,000 in a life time.
  • Swimming up to 35 miles per hour, a terrific white can start itself out of the water like a missile.

But all those stats are kid’s engage in to the terrific white’s prehistoric predecessor, the megalodon (which basically indicates “huge tooth”), which grew to 65 feet long. Acknowledged by scientists and followers as the “Meg,” the substantial monster will star in Houston Museum of Pure Science’s new show Sharks! The Meg, The Monsters & The Myths.

The immersive shark fest opens Friday, May 26 to associates and Saturday, May 27 to the standard general public. Tickets are out there on the net.

Dive into the shark tank

Intended to educate and encourage awe and curiosity fairly than hysteria, the new exhibition functions six galleries that consist of reside shark tank, 14 everyday living-sized styles, interactive and touchable things, dazzling electronic shows, entertaining photo ops, and meg-sized chunks of information and facts about the ocean’s apex predators.

Visitors can meet these fin-tastic buddies via a 360-square-foot virtual “shark tank,” wherever sharks of all styles and dimensions (there are 8 various orders and a lot more than 500 species) swim by, displaying off their modern styles, bioluminescence, and grace.

Meet the monster Meg

A huge, lifetime-sized, 50-foot model of a woman megalodon — in complete swim pose and jaws that simply down an full refrigerator or a number of people — wide open up in a toothy grin. The megalodon’s sheer mass as opposed to people, its color (gray to replicate the sea wall with a “fantastic white” belly) will be on exhibit for shots and wow times.

Another gallery usually takes viewers again more than 400 million many years to the earliest sharks and fossilized shark enamel. Just about every customer can pick a fossilized tooth dating back again to the Miocene period to continue to keep as element of the journey.

Some gentle bamboo and epaulette sharks will be part of stingrays (cousins of sharks), sea urchins, and a host of other sea dwellers in an simply viewable tank, which will offer an up-near-and-personal perspective as to why these creatures are so important to the ecosystem.

No excursion would be comprehensive devoid of swag, and this a single offers up toys, puzzles, t-shirts, magnets, and extra at the Island Retail store, which also homes megalodon enamel, fossilized coral, and a 100,000-12 months-previous huge fossil clamshell.

Admirers of these finned mates

Whilst they have survived each mass extinction event in the previous 450 million a long time and have ruled their drinking water kingdom for some 300,000 years, sharks are now in peril by the worst predator of all: human beings. Spurred by bloodlust immediately after the launch of the 1975 epic movie and novel Jaws and other sensational pop lifestyle automobiles, an normal of 100 million sharks are killed by people just about every year.

No matter whether for activity, shark fin soup (exactly where fins are lower off whilst the shark is forged back however alive and still left to drown), experts fret that this decimation could necessarily mean the close for numerous of these astounding creatures. ‘

“Sharks are remarkably numerous and efficient predators but are more threatened than threatening. In simple fact, more than one particular-third of shark species are now experiencing the danger of extinction,” said Nicole Temple, the exhibit curator. “With this exhibition, we hope that our visitors are able to check out the misconceptions, mysteries, and mystique of sharks to support pave the way for conservation efforts, as well as check out their special adaptations and behaviors that proceed to encourage scientific innovation around the earth.”

“Sharks are significant to retaining the wellbeing of our oceans, which are a huge carbon sink for the planet,” Temple provides. “Really, sharks assistance maintain us alive.”

Think about this a likelihood to visit to a monstrous meg, snap a selfie, and say thanks.


Sharks! The Meg, The Monsters & The Myths opens Friday, Could 26 (members) and Saturday, May 27 (normal public) at Houston Museum of Pure Science, 5555 Hermann Park Dr. For tickets and much more data, pay a visit to HMNS on the internet.

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