July 20, 2024


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5 Ways You Can Look After Your Healthy During Your Studies

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Looking after yourself is important all of the time, but when you are going through exam or study periods, then having the added pressures can often make us start to neglect our general health and well-being. To ensure you are feeling your best before, during and after your exams, then there are some health tips which you can use to avoid feeling tired and run down, which will then have an effect on how you do during these times.

Try To Rid Yourself Of Pressure

Exams are known for being a time full of stress and pressure, but it is important that you don’t let this affect you. Of course, it’s easy to say don’t focus on what everyone else is doing, but when the pressure is against you, this is the last thing on your mind. But, you must focus on your own study plans as you will be far more productive this way. You should also set realistic goals from the start of your studies as then you will know what you want to achieve and have a set way of working towards this.

Take Breaks

It can be tempting to just solely focus on your exams and studies at the time, but don’t let them get rid of all the fun in your life. Having good time management skills is vital in knowing when you can fit in a 30 minute break or to grab a refreshing drink and take a walk. It is all about knowing your personal limits, but once you begin to procrastinate it may be best to take a short break and shake it off, coming back refocused. There is nothing to feel guilty about when relaxing for a bit. Revising or studying 24 hours a day is highly unachievable and it isn’t good for you.

Eat The Right Foods

To stay alert and awake during your exams and studies, then you will need to eat well. Don’t feel tempted to skip meals or just survive on junk food as your body and brain won’t be in their best condition and you’ll struggle to work and you could end up making yourself unwell.

Ensure you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, fresh food and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. It’s important that you try and get your vitamins in, as these will stop your feeling lethargic, so take vitamins or supplements daily. It has been suggested that high strength fish oil helps you to concentrate so you may want to purchase some fish oil capsules.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Ensuring you are getting a proper night’s rest is essential when it comes to looking after your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep is important, especially when revising for exams, as your brain fights to take in everything that you are telling it. As part of your study plan, ensure you are getting enough sleep and go to bed at a time which is best for you. Do things beforehand to switch off, such as take a shower, read a book or stay off your phone. These will help your brain to relax and make falling asleep easier.

Keep Active

Exercise is a great way for you to clear your thoughts and de-stress. If you ever feel overwhelmed, then take a short break and go for a walk or head to the gym. This will help you to refocus and when you go back to your work, you’ll feel much better for it. You don’t need to pay for a gym membership during your exam period, there are plenty of free Youtube videos online, and walking around the local park makes you feel far better than spending 10 minutes walking on a treadmill indoors.

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