What led to Bill Clinton’s hospitalization? Warning signs of the common infection

The urologic infection that a source close to Bill Clinton says led to the former president’s hospitalization is common in older individuals and can be serious, experts say.

But when treated in a timely manner, the prognosis for such cases is excellent.

Clinton, 75, was admitted Tuesday evening to a California hospital, where he received intravenous antibiotics and fluids, his doctors said in a statement, adding that Clinton was responding well to treatment.

Former President Bill Clinton hospitalized with infection

A source close to Clinton told NBC News that his initial diagnosis was a urologic infection that morphed into a broader infection.

While little else was immediately revealed about Clinton’s condition, including whether it originated in his urinary tract or elsewhere in the urinary system, experts who were not involved in his care said such spread of infection can be life-threatening without prompt medical attention.

“This is not uncommon. This is something we frequently treat in the emergency room, where somebody comes in with a urinary tract infection,” NBC News senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres said Friday on the “TODAY” show. “Especially as they get older, their body is not able to contain that, so it moves from the urinary tract, from the bladder and the kidneys, into the bloodstream.”

At that point, Torres said, a patient is at risk of sepsis — a dangerous overdrive of the immune system in response to an infection — or septic shock, when organs start to fail.

Doctors must keep a close eye on these patients to make sure the strong antibiotics they are treating them with are lowering their white blood cell counts, which would indicate the infection is getting under control, said Dr. Ash Tewari, a urologist and prostate cancer specialist at Mount Sinai in New York.

Doctors will also work to identify any underlying conditions that may have led to the infection in the first place: a blockage, a kidney stone, even diabetes, Tewari said. Sometimes, procedures are necessary to prevent future recurrences.

While urinary tract infections are common in young women, in young men, they are exceptionally rare. Later in life, men become more prone to them, the experts said, because the likelihood of developing an enlarged prostate increases with age — and that can interfere with the bladder’s ability to fully empty.

“If you have difficulty with urinary symptoms with voiding, that can put you at increased

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The Transformation of the Fitness Industry

This article is part of our Business Transformation special report, about how the pandemic has changed how the world does business.

Like restaurants, retailers and other businesses normally conducted in crowded locations open to the public, the health and fitness industry in Europe is scrambling to recover and get its business back on track — as soon as it figures out what its business will look like.

The orders by public health authorities to close health and fitness clubs several times have had a profound effect on the industry. The consulting firm Deloitte estimates that clubs in Europe lost 15.4 percent of their members, or more than 10 million people, even when closures were relatively brief. Industry revenue fell twice as much, by almost 33 percent, as clients froze their accounts or requested refunds.

While the pandemic drags on, club executives are trying to fully understand how fundamentally Covid-19 has transformed their industry, which generated $96.7 billion in global revenue in 2019.

“For a long time now, I believe that too many health club leaders around the world assume they have the full and undivided attention of the exercising consumer,” said Ray Algar, a global fitness industry business adviser and analyst with Oxygen Consulting in Brighton, England. “That the gym sits at the top of some exercise industry hierarchy.”

“The gym may have once had this temporary monopoly, but this is over, and the pandemic has demonstrated that consumers can capably locate and enjoy many different gym substitutes,” he said. “What the pandemic has done has made these gym substitutes more visible. So, this does represent a significant inflection point because never has this global industry been challenged to demonstrate its right to serve and support the exercising consumer.”

Stefan Ludwig, a Deloitte partner and leader of the Sports Business Group, said that the lockdowns had indeed had a “significant impact on both consumer behavior and operator offerings.”

A report by ClubIntel, a marketing research and consulting firm, found that closed clubs led many people to lose the habit of exercising regularly and caused others to try alternatives, such as biking, joining a walking club, signing up for video classes (dance and boxing are popular options) or buying an interactive device like a Peloton or Mirror.

Many customers, the report found, have chosen remote options offered by providers other than a fitness club. To retain or recoup prepandemic clientele, clubs

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Health care trading network buys case support platform

Global Healthcare Exchange Inc. bought Explorer Surgical Corp. on undisclosed terms. GHX is a Louisville-based software-as-a-service company. Explorer Surgical operates a digital and remote case support platform and is based in Chicago.

GHX’s main offering is GHX Exchange, which connects health care providers and suppliers of goods and services via electronic platform, a back-office supply-chain and purchasing system and incorporating data and analytics globally, according to its website, news reports and a press release on the acquisition.

Explorer Surgical’s work also includes connecting suppliers with health care providers, including remote mentoring and performance-tracking tools. One offering lets hospitals “guide, track and analyze activity in the operating room, and improve communication and performance,” startup journal Chicago Inno said.

“Patient care decisions must be grounded in data, product expertise and procedural best practices because lives depend on it,” GHX president and CEO Bruce Johnson said in a press release announcing the deal.

“Healthcare is rife with inefficiency and must standardize the operational and clinical best practices and products that yield the best possible patient outcomes,” Explorer Surgical co-founder and CEO Jennifer Fried said.

Explorer Surgical had raised $11 million in funding through April, led by Aphelion Capital in California and Sofia Fund, a Minnesota group investing in technology companies run by women, Chicago Inno said.

The acquisition of Explorer Surgical follows GHX’s purchase of Lumere, founded as Procured Health in 2014 and focused on cutting health care costs with data and analytics, in January 2020. In 2018 it bought Medical Columbus AG, a cloud-based health care supply-chain manager.

GHX was founded in 2000 by industry suppliers including Medtronic Inc., Abbott Laboratories, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and Baxter International. Other owners joined through February 2014 a healthcare journal said, reporting its sale to private equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC.

The private equity firm at the time generally invested up to $300 million in its acquisitions. Additional acquisitions followed its buyout.

In May 2017, Singapore-based Temasek Holdings Ltd. bought most of Thoma Bravo’s stake. Thoma Bravo exited its investment fully in June 2021 when Warburg Pincus made a minority investment in GHX. PE Hub said the Pincus investment was $500 million.

GHX works with 5,600 health care providers and 950 suppliers in the U.S. and Europe, its website said. In the Warburg investment press release, GHX said its platform serves providers with 80% of licensed hospital beds in the U.S. and that 85%

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What Kind of Cosmetics are Good to Use?

Nowadays, thanks to the growing popularity of Korean skin care methods, more and more women and men understand the importance of taking care of their skin and hair. Therefore, much more attention is paid to choosing the best cosmetics.  Soap or shampoo is not only supposed to wash, but also smell nice to nourish the skin or hair. That’s why the composition of cosmetics as well as the manner in which they are made are important. Onlybio cosmetics  meet the expectations of customers by offering cleaning products that contain natural ingredients and raw materials.

  1. What is only bio?
  2. Why should you use only eco cosmetics and cleaning products?

Let’s dive into the world of natural cosmetics and self care.

What is only bio?

Onlybio is an eco-friendly cosmetics manufacturer. The products it offers are made of 100 natural raw materials that come from organic certified crops. Only Bio knows that cosmetics do not have indirect skin contact, but direct contact. For this reason, there is no room for half-measures. All ingredients must be skin-friendly and have a positive effect on the skin. The goal of Only Bio is clean skin and hair as well as clean earth because they know that planet b doesn’t exist in case of destroying the earth. What is more, OnlyBio provides cosmetics for the whole family and is vegan friendly.

Why should you use only eco cosmetics and cleaning products?

Using natural, ecological cosmetics from organic certified crops is really important. First of all, nowadays taking care of the environment is needed. Second of all, natural cosmetics are usually better for hair or skin. Their actions are safer and healthier for the body and at the same time the products can smell amazingly. Although naturally derived ingredients can spoil, technology avoids such problems. A lot of those kinds of products also have hypoallergenic version. OnlyBio cosmetics come from certified crops and are made by ingredients with natural origin. What is more, with OnlyBio cosmetics natural cosmetics vegan can be really satisfied. Every product category created by this brand is crafted from the ground up with attention to detail and concern for the well-being of every customer.

Choosing the right cosmetics for your body and hair should be done with special care. Price is not the most important thing here, after all, it’s about looking beautiful and …

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The Ultimate Guide to Strength Training for Travellers

While travelling, you wouldn’t want your body to become weak. You want to keep fit and maintain your body shape for as long as you can. There are different training programs for you.

From opinions shared on UK.collected.reviews, travellers are always thrilled to find workout places while on a trip. This is why many vacation destinations have been equipped with gyms and equipment that facilitate physical health.

To enjoy the best vacation experiences, you can consider these are the best guide to strength training while on a trip:

·       Locate a Local Gym:

Don’t raise your eyebrows yet. Of course, you don’t need to walk into a gym to exercise yourself every time. However, the gym has most of all you need for your workouts. If you plan well, you’ll look for destinations that have the best gym and fitness centre for your workouts. It will be best if you find a hotel with a gym inside it. Even a swimming pool. It will be the best location for your fitness vacation in the UK. If there are no hotels in the areas you want with a gym, find a local gym and join them.

·       Request for and Purchase a Card for YMCA Gyms:

 This is a program of monthly subscription for different exercising programs anywhere in the world. You’ll get to access different exercise programs, locate the best wellness pools and centres, and also stay fit while enjoying your trip.

·       Find a Local Park and Exercise:

If you can’t get a local gym or afford a date with the YMCA gym guys, you can easily find yourself a park where you can train. You can engage in a different workout at the park. All you need to do is to dress well and dress fit. You should also have some travel-friendly workout equipment with you. If you like music, go with your music Bluetooth speaker. All you need to do is to create a small space for yourself and do your thing. You can start with the skipping rope, suspension trainer, yoga, and many others.

·       Check Online:

There are always tons of blogs and YouTube vlogs that are dedicated to simple and explosive training. You can follow a few online blogs to know what they do and also engage in their routine physical exercise plans. You may also need to figure out the …

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