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Different Types of Popular Dog Harnesses

When it comes to the selection for the right dog harness, you need to bear in mind that what may work for other people’s dog may not work with you. This is actually because it all comes down on your dog’s preference, size, activity level and its temperament as well.

All people in fact could agree on the fact that dog walks are really fun, but different types that are available also have their own advantages and benefits to offer. Because of this, dog owners then are confused.

Many dog owners actually keeps a collar with ID tags on their dog for safety and security purposes and they then add a harness during car rides and walks.

Whatever your preference on style or to whatever purpose it actually serves, every harness is made purposely to put it easily or to take it off and ensures that it is comfortable for your dog. Through this article, you will learn some of the dog harnesses which are available in the market.

Training Harnesses

If in case your dog tends to pull a lot of could get distracted easily, you should acquire a no-pull harness. Its front leash attachment will be able to help in distributing the pulling force evenly towards your dog’s torso than on its neck, throat and windpipe area to help eliminate the chance of your dog coughing. You will also find some harnesses which comes with traffic handles for it to have added curbside controls.

Personalized Harness

A personalized harness comes with an embroidered or printed name of your dog as well as a phone number, which takes away the need of you providing ID tags. The choices available in fact includes the colorful nylon webbing, reflective fabric and also classic leather that have a brass nameplate.

Step-in Harnesses

This in fact is the easiest design of dog harness where you simply lay it down and your dog then steps into it and this harness have a back leash attachment that is going to help you to minimize pressure on your dog’s throat. It also has an adjustable and a fast-release bickle on its side that will help provide comfort for the hard-to-fit dogs.

Safety Harness

If you want to keep your dog secure and safe when you are ever going to travel, you should consider the use of crash-tested harnesses that’s going to restrain and protect your dog in case there are sudden stops or worst, a sudden impact.

Fashion Harness

This kind of dog harness is available in various colors, patterns and fabrics. It is also breathable and comes with a lightweight design which is a good choice for warm weather.

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