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How Often Do Couples Need To Have a Marriage Therapist

Most couples don’t get past two years before they are deeply sick of each other that they anticipate that divorce. This is so evident in the society and by looking at the number of divorces; you would really wonder want is wrong with our society. From the real point of view though is that there is nothing wrong with the society but us, or we need is to understand and respect the nature of marriage and find a way to accommodate each other and accept each other’s imperfection.

Couples having fights and issues from time to time is a perfectly normal thing, it happens to all marriages. Sometimes the disagreements could range from small to complex, other times small issues give opening for complex fights and vice versa depending on how good couples handle their relationships. Worth noting though is that, even if sometimes couple end up in fights, that does not always create any doubt for love in the relationship because at the end of the fight they will always get back together and move on well.

The fact remains that nothing is actually wrong with the society but each individual person. It is a trait that all of us have and that can only be controlled by finding its balance. This is a product of imperfection that comes with being human and that has resulted in one getting so much concern for their personal gain than that of their partner even if they claim to love them. Loving others only make us feel and look better, looking at it that way, you realize that we are so much into ourselves even at the most subconscious times than we think. When that love for yourself is too much, however, when you can’t create that equilibrium between your love and your partners’ that’s when you become so arrogant, pride grows and you become jealous. So my answer for the question of whether we all require professional counselling will always be yes because we need to know and understand how to maintain that equilibrium.

on that regard, anytime you want to visit a therapist, seek for one that offers the PET kind of therapy, it is highly effective and certified. This is the kind that will give progressive result and have long-lasting effect. Traditionally, Cognitive Behavior Therapy was the most used approach but comparing that approach with the PET is a pure proof that its effectiveness was overrated this is because in most cases it has critics of being biased to one gender and not to mention its short-term effectiveness. From study, families are greatly acknowledging the value of therapy so yes it is important.

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