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Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | Kaiser Health News

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Health Systems, Patient Care Impacted By Rising Claim Denial Rates

Modern Healthcare draws attention to a “significant” rise in denied insurance claims over the past year, which has increased administrative work, reduced hospital cash flow, and delayed patient care. Separately, Axios reports on how medical inflation is affecting big employers.

More on the cost of coverage —

The Case For Universal Oral Health Coverage, According To The WHO

On Friday, oral health advocates across the globe got an early holiday gift from their longtime wish lists. They had been waiting their whole careers — for some STAT spoke with, up to nearly half a century — for oral health to be folded into conversations calling for health care access for all. The World Health Organization’s new Global Oral Health Status report took that first step. (Castillo, 11/21)

In other health care industry news —

Modern Healthcare:
Providence Closes 27 Southern California Retail Clinics

Renton, Washington-based Providence closed all 27 of its Providence ExpressCare facilities on Nov. 17 after the Southern California retail clinics posted “unprecedented operating losses” amid labor shortages, inflation, supply chain disruption, lower-than-expected volumes and a more competitive retail clinic sector, the spokesperson said. (Kacik, 11/21)

Can Telehealth Help Hospitals Mitigate The Climate Crisis? 

As the world stares down the barrel of climate change, the health care system — which is responsible for about 9% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions — is finally starting to take action. Hospitals, in particular, are working to stem their impact, and have held up telehealth as a prime strategy to cut down on carbon, by eliminating millions of miles of travel to and from health care centers. (Palmer, 11/22)

Modern Healthcare:
Atrium Health Hosts Annual Talent Show For Staff

Atrium Health employees seek to put their talents on display at work and on the stage. Every year, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based nonprofit health system invites its 70,000 staff members to participate in a talent show, “Atrium Health Has Talent.” Clinicians, administrative staff, leadership and other team members come together from across the 40-hospital system to showcase their skills. (Berryman, 11/22)

In legal news —

The New York Times:
A Botched Cancer Test, a National Scandal, and an Irish Hero

A subsequent official inquiry revealed that at least 220 other Irish women had also developed cervical cancer after receiving negative results for state-run Pap smears that, a later review showed, should have been flagged as likely positive. According to 221+, an advocacy group founded by Vicky Phelan and other affected women and their survivors, around 30 of these women have since died. (O’Loughlin, 11/17)

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