Tension around best ways to spend opioid settlement money

By Taylor Knopf

The first payments from a $26 billion, multi-state opioid lawsuit settlement are set to arrive in the states later this spring, and in North Carolina, there are already disagreements over which groups are most qualified to receive the money. 

Over the course of 18 years, North Carolina will receive $750 million of the opioid settlement funds from the agreement reached with drug companies for their alleged roles in fueling the opioid epidemic. Most of the money will be sent to North Carolina’s county governments to help people and communities impacted by the overdose crisis. 

The NC Attorney General’s Office and the state health department created very specific guidelines for how each county can use its share of the money. Nonetheless, there’s growing tension around what interventions and treatments should be funded, and some approaches are backed by more scientific evidence for treating opioid addiction than others. 

For example, a recently formed group called Bridge to 100 aims to help secure opioid settlement funds for “faith-based rehabilitation centers” in all 100 North Carolina counties. The group was founded by former state GOP leader Robin Hayes, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in 2019 and was pardoned by Donald Trump in January 2021. 

Now, Hayes is turning his attention to the opioid settlement, and helping him is former businessman Daniel Williford who was convicted of a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme and is still serving time in federal prison, according to the federal inmate database. Hayes said Williford — who is finishing the remainder of his sentence at home — has been an “outstanding” help. Hayes said he plans to put Williford on the Bridge to 100’s board of directors, saying “everybody deserves another chance.”

“I’ve been in the public service business for well over 40 years now. I think this is another way that I can use the contacts that I have, the experience and knowledge to continue to help people,” said Hayes, who is also a former NC congressman. 

“This is an extremely important issue, and there are a number of different tools and assets and people and organizations that can and should be at the table.”

Faith groups and medical experts at odds

Most of the faith-based groups Hayes said he’s partnering with use a 12-step approach to treating addiction, meaning they do not use medications. One addiction treatment program in Stanley County emphasizes

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People in america are enduring unprecedented tension levels, poll exhibits

Economic woes, coupled with a barrage of horrifying scenes from Ukraine as Russia carries on its invasion, have pushed a the greater part of People in america to unparalleled ranges of anxiety, according to a new report from the American Psychological Affiliation.

The association’s yearly “Pressure in America” poll, posted Thursday, observed that U.S. older people — currently weary from two years of the Covid-19 pandemic — are now overwhelmingly troubled by inflation and the war in Ukraine.

In accordance to the success, 87 % of these surveyed cited climbing prices of daily items, these as groceries and gas, as a “considerable source of worry.”

The similar higher share claimed their psychological health was enormously influenced by what has felt like a “frequent stream of crises without having a crack about the last two several years.” And 84 % explained the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “terrifying to watch.”

The shared sensation of pressure amongst so lots of People in america was “startling,” stated Lynn Bufka, a medical psychologist and the APA’s associate main for observe transformation. Whilst quite a few folks can truly feel tension, she said, they usually cite distinct political or social causes as the resource.

“We do not commonly see 80 p.c of individuals telling us that a unique stressor is tense for that numerous people today,” Bufka mentioned.

The poll surveyed a nationally representative group of 3,012 U.S. grown ups. It was in the beginning carried out in mid-February, just in advance of the two-year anniversary of the get started of the pandemic. At that time, respondents have been overwhelmingly anxious about funds, and especially pressured about inflation.

Sixty-5 % reported they had been stressed about income and the economy — the best share recorded considering the fact that 2015.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine.

Individuals were being “now in an overwhelmed and depleted location,” mentioned Lindsey McKernan, an affiliate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Vanderbilt College Health-related Middle in Nashville, Tennessee. The invasion, she stated, was a “new danger to our protection.”

In order to get the most accurate photo of worry in The united states, the scientists established out to do a 2nd poll, with thoughts unique to Russia and Ukraine. The 2nd round of polling, performed March 1 through 3, incorporated 2,051 older people.

Eighty p.c of respondents claimed they have been involved about likely retaliation from Russia, either as

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Launch the tension | Overall health and Health

When we experience trauma, the way our brains and nervous techniques function can really alter, but new study is checking out the methods that the overall body can enable release trauma and restore the mind and anxious procedure to a condition of stability.

One this kind of strategy is known as TRE, or Stress and Trauma Releasing Workout routines. It was pioneered by Dr. David Berceli, Ph.D. in social function and is remaining taught domestically by Nadine Lollino of Movement Lab. 

What is TRE?

TRE was developed after Berceli observed people reacting to traumatic situations in his 20 several years delivering trauma relief workshops and creating recovery plans for companies close to the globe including the Mideast and Africa. He observed that throughout trauma older people tended to agreement and defend their bodies although small children reacted with shaking. The trauma could turn out to be trapped in the bodies of the adults, though the children unveiled the trauma as a result of shaking.

As a end result of his observations, Berceli created an approach that assists the body launch trauma through slight tremors. The traumaprevention.com web-site says: “TRE is an modern series of workouts that assist the overall body in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension, stress and trauma. The physical exercises securely activate a natural reflex system of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular rigidity, calming down the anxious system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a secure and controlled atmosphere, the overall body is encouraged to return back again to a point out of equilibrium.”

In observe, the tactic consists of stretching and fatiguing the muscle tissue primarily in the legs and then keeping positions that let a slight shaking to occur. Immediately after the course of action is complete, there is often a experience of calmness and reduction. 

Shaking as a response to trauma is the two historic in its use by individuals and other mammals and somewhat new in phrases of its intentional software to releasing stress and trauma. Berceli and others have labored with hundreds of clients around the past 20 many years and viewed steady effects in phrases of resetting the anxious procedure and reduction of write-up traumatic stress problem (PTSD) symptoms. Clinical studies and analysis have been executed that assist these effects.

A Finnish study from 2017 discovered that good adjustments ended up reported by examine subjects who had been

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