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Unbelievable Foods that can be prepared over Fire

During holidays many people opt to go camping. A lot of things can be learnt from nature when one chooses to go for camping. To add it helps a person break the work boredom. Camping also help both children and parents to learn a lot and also socialize. When one has gone for camping they require creativity in order for them to be able to learn how to make some meals. Camping meals do not need one to carry along every gadget in their kitchen. It’s very possible for one to create a camping meal that can be enjoyed by everyone with only a frame of fire.

To start with is ultimate sandwich breakfast. Ultimate sandwich breakfast is always meant for breakfast but also one can consume it at any given time of the day. Fire, skillet and some tin foil are what a person requires when preparing the sandwich . More so one needs some ingredients for the sandwich. Just the normal ingredients of preparing a sandwich are required when making one and they involve; English muffins, eggs, turkey bacon and also a ham. Campfire lasagna is also another camping meal that a person cannot believe that has been cooked over fire. Its easier and consumes little time to prepare it more than people think of. All that you require in preparing campfire lasagna to involve; a Dutch oven, olive oil, Oregano, basil, baby spinach and also pasta sauce. The process of preparing the meal is much easier when one has all that is needed.

Spinach dip for a snack is yet another camping meal that when prepared over the fire is unbelievable. Spinach dip is a snack that is always taken in between other meals. Tin foil, frozen chopped spinach, shredded parmesan, sour cream and plain cream are some of the ingredients that one is required to have during the preparation of spinach dip. Green onions are always used in the preparation of spinach dip to add some extra flavors. One requires mixing all the ingredients together in one bowl then fold it in a clean tin foil packet. Cooking of spinach dip requires one to place the folded packet on hot charcoal and leave it to heat for almost an hour. In conclusion, when going camping one is required to find meals that share the same ingredients. Selecting foods that share same ingredients; is essential for one does not require lot luggage. Breaking the ingredients in campers pack is essential when going for camping. This helps it during the carrying of luggage for one person does not have to carry all the luggage by themselves. Reading through this article one acquires all the information about foods that can be prepared in a camp.

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