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Side Effects of Getting High on Weed.
Marijuana is a very popular drug that has been nicknamed as pot, weed and has the scientific name cannabis sativa, it is however illegal in many countries but some like Canada have legalized it, it gives the stoner a feeling of pleasure ant content. Apart from the fact that it is recreational, marijuana is also an important medical drug that has been used over time by patients suffering from chronic pain though this happens only in countries where it is legalized and still requires that its sell be done only by legitimate dispensaries. There are effects of smoking weed and they manifest differently in different people but are somehow similar with the large number, some are instant will others are long term.
Many are the times when someone comments that the other has had a puff of cannabis basically because their eyes give them away. THC found in Bangkok usually has an effect on blood pressure, it lowers it significantly and the vessels of the body will consequently dilate hence increasing the blood content in them, the same happens to the ocular vessels and since the eye has transparent qualities, it will show the blood amounts in it hence the redness.
Marijuana when taken will also increase laughter of an individual significantly, you will smoke weed very sad but believe me you will start laughing at everything you see movements later. Happiness is induced by marijuana on its users through two ways both of which are its action on the brain, one is production of dopamine by doparminergic neurons of the brain and the other is through activation of the frontal lobe of the brain which contains a center for laughter, these functions are attained by THC a component of marijuana. Anytime you will need a little smile,to a heartfelt laughter at your problems you may want a puff of weed to give you just that.
Have you ever wanted to be active and yet a little slow to act, this is a feeling you probably are even finding hard to imagine right now and that is because you probably haven’t had a puff of marijuana yet. The cerebellum controls how fast movements of muscles of the body occur in addition to its posture maintenance function, cannabis will reduce the activity of the cerebellum thus leading to slow motion movements of the individual, reduced activity of the cerebellum is due to an effect of cannabis sativa to reduce blood supply to it.

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