June 16, 2024


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Using Online Resources to Learn More About Genetic Testing and Related Topics

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Many people are interested in the subject of genetic testing and modification for assessing disease risk and treating disease. Because of social networking, it’s easier than ever to keep up with certain entrepreneurs in this field, such as Jim Plante. Mr. Plante has founded several companies, including Thynk Capital, Pathway Genomics and Klotho Therapeutics. Effective prevention, treatment and curing of genetic diseases are his main areas of interest. An even more specific focus is on chronic kidney disease.

Online Resources

Interested people can follow companies working in genetics on professional networking sites and on Twitter. They also can listen to podcasts of interviews with fascinating individuals working in the field and read blog posts by these men and women. So much information is available today online that it’s a little like taking a college course in genetic testing and related topics.

Information Provided Through Genetic Testing

Pathway Genomics provides testing services so people can learn their genetic risk for disorders like heart disease, cancer and chronic polycystic kidney disease. Testing also can shed light on a person’s expected response to various types of medication and exercise regimens. One intriguing program the company offers in partnership with IBM is an app that provides personalized health and wellness details through the use of a smartphone.

Usefulness of the Information

Most genetic markers for disease do not confirm that the person will ever develop the condition. Instead, the markers indicate a higher-than-normal risk. That information can encourage people to take proactive measures, such as staying vigilant about being tested for specific forms of cancer. Knowing there is a genetic risk for heart disease can motivate the person to modify the diet in healthy ways and exercise regularly.

Corporate Missions

The purpose of Thynk Capital is to invest in biotechnology and healthcare so organizations can continue their work on cutting-edge research. Klotho Therapeutics concentrates on research and development connected with a human enzyme and gene known as Klotho. This is an anti-aging gene of sorts. Mutations in the gene can cause symptoms of aging much earlier than expected, including chronic kidney disease in young adults and, rarely, in children.

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