July 20, 2024


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The Sober Living Option

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We hear a lot about addiction today and that’s because addiction to Opioids is on the rise. This addiction caught fire back in the late 1990s when physicians began to prescribe painkillers like Oxycontin for people suffering from chronic pain. At the time the drug seemed to be a true panacea for patients who were dealing with debilitating pain on a regular basis. Sadly, however, the overuse of these drugs led to a huge addiction problem, as the highly addictive nature of these drugs was misunderstood. Today, we have many people entering rehab centers and then transitional housing in maryland in order to deal with life on a sober basis after being in the throes of addiction.

Dealing with Addiction

Of course, not everyone in rehab is there for Opioid addiction. Alcohol and methamphetamine are also drugs that can lead to terrible addiction problems, and people using these intoxicants also often seek help in rehab. No matter what the substance, seeking help through rehab is a highly positive step, and should be encouraged.

It isn’t easy to live with an addiction, but giving it up and embracing a sober lifestyle isn’t easy either. For people who become sober for the first time in years, however, the experience can be euphoric. Finally living life without experiencing the highs and lows of addiction can be a revelation, yet the first days of sobriety can be very delicate. All of this is why it’s so important for a newly sober person to seek help in a support group or in transitional housing as soon as they leave rehab.

Transitional housing is highly recommended for newly sober people who are in recovery. Going back to an old social group right after rehab can bring with it many temptations that can lead to a dangerous relapse. The fact is that rehab isn’t the end of recovery, it’s just the beginning. All of this is why it’s so important for a newly sober person to get the help they need on an ongoing basis, so that their sobriety lasts for the long term.

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