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Indicators Of An Abusive Relationship

Whenever you get into a relationship with someone it is usually a dream kind of a relationship. Once you have gotten used to someone’s company then it becomes easier to tell what their character is. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse are some of the forms of relationship abuse. You can read more here about the signs and tips of getting out of abusive relationships.

The Relationship Is Physically Abusive

Statistics show that physical abuse in relationships is a leading cause of death among women as three women are killed daily from physical abuse you can read more here about this. You should not wait for your partner to abuse you physically but the moment they threatened to do it should be yo wake up call to get out of the relationship. For a person who is in a relationship that is abusive whether through threats or action they should go to a location that your partner cannot find them and call for legal assistance immediately. There are several legal approaches you can use to protect yourself from a physically abusive partner, and you can read more here.

Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive

You can read more here about verbal abuse and how this is a sign that you are in an abusive relationship. There are various counseling options and you can read more here about them as a way to help you deal with emotional and verbal abuse in a relationship.

Your Partner Does Not Allow You To Be With Your Friends And Family

When you have an abusive partner you will see that they will not want you to associate with your family or friends so that you are support system is cut off. When your partner wants to cut you off from your support system find a way to engage with them and confide on the best way to live the abusive relationship.

An Abusive Partner Will Not Respect Your Boundaries

A partner who does not respect your boundaries is abusive as boundaries are part of every healthy relationship. Ensure that your partner know your boundaries in the relationship, and you can read more here about ways to reestablish boundaries in relationships.

Your Relationship Is Manipulative

You are in an abusive relationship when your partner is always manipulative and twists your words any time you try to talk to them about anything in your relationship. Read more here on ways in which counselling will help you deal with a manipulative partner in a relationship and the best way to exit the relationship.

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