March 21, 2022

The U.S. Food items and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) is mindful the United States is going through interruptions in the supply of prefilled .9% sodium chloride (saline) intravenous (IV) lock/ flush syringes. Prefilled .9% sodium chloride IV lock/ flush syringes are in shortage because of an maximize in demand from customers in the course of the COVID-19 general public well being emergency, as perfectly as the latest vendor supply chain worries, which include the everlasting discontinuance of sure prefilled saline lock/ flush syringes. 


The Fda recommends overall health treatment staff use prefilled .9% sodium chloride lock/ flush syringes, as your offer will allow. When prefilled .9% sodium chloride lock/ flush syringes are not accessible, look at the pursuing tips, such as conservation procedures, to preserve the top quality and security of affected person treatment:

  • Use preservative-free, sterile .9% sodium chloride one dose vials if prefilled sterile .9% sodium chloride syringes are unavailable. 
  • Use heparin lock flush syringes, typically applied to flush an IV catheter to aid avoid blockage in just the catheter just after obtaining an IV infusion, if medically correct and in accordance with your facility’s policy, except if contraindicated in the manufacturer’s labeling.
  • Do not use expired prefilled saline flush syringes since they could have lessened quantity, degraded elements, or deficiency sterility that might compromise the device’s effectiveness and improve client danger.
  • Do not use prefilled saline flush syringes that are not Fda-cleared flush syringes.  
  • Make contact with the Fda at [email protected] as perfectly as your group buying group (GPO), nearby merchandise agent, distributor, or account supervisor if the conservation approaches are not satisfactory to sustain adequate provide. 
  • Take into consideration suggestions from the Fda as very well as relevant qualified corporations for other methods that may possibly be acceptable for your organization.


Prefilled .9% sodium chloride intravenous lock/ flush syringes are one use syringes stuffed with sterile .9% sodium chloride (saline) solution, which may perhaps occur in unique volumes. A prefilled .9% sodium chloride intravenous lock/flush syringe is applied to assist prevent vascular accessibility programs from getting blocked and to aid remove any treatment that might be still left at the catheter web page.

Fda Steps

On March 21, 2022, the Fda extra prefilled .9% sodium chloride IV saline flush syringes (solution code NGT – Saline, Vascular Entry Flush) to the health-related gadget shortage record and unit discontinuance record. The device lack list displays the kinds of equipment the Fda identified to be in shortage. The Food and drug administration will go on to update the listing as wanted.  The Food and drug administration also thoroughly assessments each individual notification underneath section 506J of the Federal Food stuff, Drug, and Cosmetic Act received and uses this information, together with any added particulars about the offer and demand of a system, to figure out whether or not a product is in lack.

On January 14, 2022, the Fda up-to-date the table of machine varieties and corresponding item codes identified as devices that Food and drug administration thinks are essential to the general public wellbeing all through the COVID-19 pandemic below segment 506J(a)(1) of the FD&C Act to include prefilled saline flush syringes (product code NGT).

The Food and drug administration lists Fda-cleared prefilled saline flush syringes in the FDA’s 510(k) Premarket Notification databases under the products code NGT (Saline, Vascular Flush).

The Food and drug administration is doing work with producers to help mitigate the shortage. The Food and drug administration proceeds to observe the predicament to enable be certain prefilled .9% sodium chloride IV lock/ flush syringes are readily available for individuals exactly where intravenous infusions are medically required. The Fda will inform the public if considerable new information and facts becomes readily available.

Reporting Complications to the Fda

The Food and drug administration encourages well being treatment personnel to report all adverse situations or suspected adverse gatherings expert with any prefilled saline flush syringes.

Prompt reporting of adverse events can enable the Fda identify and superior recognize the hazards involved with healthcare equipment.

In addition, the Fda would like to listen to from wellness care staff who have issues acquiring gadgets, as perfectly as from other stakeholders who could assist mitigate potential shortages. You may possibly e mail the Food and drug administration at [email protected]. Notice that pursuant to part 506J producers ought to notify the Fda of an interruption or everlasting discontinuance most likely to guide in a significant disruption in the supply  of these devices.

Get in touch with Info

If you have questions about this letter, call the Fda about a clinical product offer chain situation.