Israeli model opens up on living abroad, anxiety and a busy career

International model Coral Simanovich said she misses Israel but living away has brought her family closer.

At only 31-years of age, Simanovich, who is married to Spanish soccer star Sergi Roberto and a mother of two young children, is managing not only an international modeling career but is also a fashion designer and co-founder of NoCo Jewelry.

Simanovich is the presenter of French luxury beauty brand “Stenhal”, and the first Israeli to be in a campaign by “Guess”.

The picture perfect family has been living a lavish life in Barcelona since September 2016.

“My family is everything,” Simanovich said. “My home. My heart. My health. At least that’s how it is for me. It effects everything in life. I’m talking about my original family as well as the family I have built.

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קורל סימנוביץ'־רוברטו

Coral Simanovich and Sergi Roberto family

(Photo: Instagram)

“The distance and living abroad is fraught with a lot of longing, and on the other hand there is something special about living far away because the relationship is always closer,” she said. “When you miss them, you appreciate your family way more. Its no longer taken for granted that you have them, so the relationship grows closer. I speak with them at least ten times a day.”

A new mother, Simanovich admits that parenting is ” a combination of the best and most challenging” thing that happened to her.

“In my opinion its one of the biggest tests of a relationship,” she said while sharing that it introduced a lot of new challenges into her and her husband’s marriage. “If you can get through that, its a sign that something there is strong.”

Simanovich, keeping her modeling and fashion career, does her best to have a balanced diet, workout regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle.

“I care about what I eat but I’m not fanatic at all. My focus is not on how I look, but rather on how I feel, what is healthy for me and what is good for my body,” she said. “If I didn’t eat healthy for a couple of days in a row, I won’t feel good, but not because its fattening. I don’t have a menu – I eat everything.

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קורל סימנוביץ'־רוברטוקורל סימנוביץ'־רוברטו

Coral Simanovich

(Photo: Shai Yehezkel, Styling: Reuven Cohen)

“Living with an athlete also has an influence,” Simanovich said. “He eats really healthy food and I consult him sometimes on what’s healthy and what’s not. My bad habit is consuming Coke Zero. Sergi makes fun of me when I drink it and says I look addicted.”

The Israeli model sees sport as “a remedy for the mind and soul.

“I have a personal trainer three times a week, and we do a combination of workouts including weigh lifting, cardio, everything. I also do aerobics with a different trainer once or twice a week. Its addicting,” she said. “On days that I have a bit more time, I add spinning. Six months ago I started playing padel.”

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קורל סימנוביץ'־רוברטוקורל סימנוביץ'־רוברטו

Coral Simantovich

(Photo: Shai Yehezkel, Styling: Reuven Cohen)

Despite her healthy lifestyle, Simanovich has battled anxiety for years. She said that what has helped her cope is maintaining a routine, organizing her tasks, and working.

When she was 21, Simanovich had her first anxiety attack. She went through therapy that helped her battle and live with her stress, and has learned to cope, over the years.

“In the beginning of my time in Spain, when I was very young, I understood that if I don’t keep myself busy – I’ll have a very hard time, and I really started seeing it as a project and today, I’m constantly doing something.”

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