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Learning More about Strange Places that People Fear to Visit
There are some haunted places that really exist on earth and it only takes who are bold enough to visit the places. Listed below are strange places on earth that one cannot just visit as they wish.

The suicide forest in Japan is so scaring especially for those who fear seeing dead bodies since suicides are done in there either through hanging or by taking sleeping pills. One place known as one of the most haunted places in the country is a place where several patients were hosted and they lead to experience of strange deaths. In the united states of America, there is a plantation known as the Myrtles plantation in which there are rumors spread about it that it is built on a site tat was initially a burial ground for Indians and that several murders have occurred in the places accompanied with some instances of ghosts seen.

In the United Kingdom, there is a village called Pluckley village which is recorded to have an estimate of about fifteen ghosts and it is suggested that these ghosts arise out of a certain man who was stabbed and hang on a tree and therefore this man is deemed to be haunting the area. The Devils pool in Australia is believed to have been cursed by a certain woman who drowned herself after her lover was taken away from her and since then a good number of people is believed to have been drowning in the same pool. There is a strange fort in India that is believed to be cursed during early times by a certain wizard and a holy man and this curse makes people to disappear once they enter the place.

The Lawang Sewu in Indonesia in made of a certain architecture in a way that it has a thousand doors and this building was converted to a prison where one female prisoner happened to commit suicide in there and her ghost keeps haunting the place. There is a ghost that wonders in Penung place in Malaysia after its body was murdered by the Japanese in the same place. In Italy, there is an island where people with any symptoms were sent to die there and when one gets to visit there, they find out that a large part of the soil is human ash and also some bell sounds are heard from there. In Philippines, there is Hanging coffins of Sagada and it is a cliff where the residents of that place burry the dead by attaching coffins to the sides of the cliff due to the tradition they inherited from their ancestors which states that when people die, they should be hoisted up next to their ancestors.

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