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Describe Our Body Image

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Look Good and Feel Better

How we are feeling in general can be a complex mix of our physical well being plus our own perceived self esteem and confidence levels.
Our self esteem comes from how we see ourselves or it can be described as our body image. Our physical looks are important to how we feel even if it is at a subconscious level.
We all see ourselves differently and at times we can look at ourselves and like what we see and other times look at ourselves and be very negative about what we see.
When our self esteem is down this also affects our confidence.
Having low confidence will then start to affect how we live our lives.
Instead of trying new activities we instead choose to not participate  or hide away and this leads to a more sedentary lifestyle which in turn causes more well being and self esteem issues as time goes on.

When we feel good about ourselves we will make better choices when it comes to living a more physical life and we usually make better dietary choices as well. When you feel good we rely less upon stimulants like sugar and caffeine and we also do not need to turn to food or alcohol as a temporary way of comfort.

Self-esteem can also be boosted in how we feel about our physical looks. Feeling beautiful puts a huge spring in your step!

When you feel overweight for many people can be a huge reason for feeling self-critical and having low confidence. Even the scales have not moved in a higher direction – if you feel it then you will believe it.

Ways to give your physical self-esteem appearance a quick boost can be as easy as changing the way you dress, the way you style your hair and makeup or even spend some time doing self-care activities like a massage and other self-care treatments.

Look at how you are dressing – Changing some of your wardrobes to flatter your shape rather than draw attention to areas that are your pain points. Try wearing clothing that fits better and it could be wearing clothes that are a little lost or even the opposite and wear clothes that are more figure-hugging to show off your assets rather than wearing clothing that makes you look or feel shapeless.

How a Day Spa can help you feel better

Yes visiting the best day spa will have a positive effect on how you feel!

Have you ever had a face and looked in the mirror afterwards and saw how bright and smooth your skin was? Massages have been shown to have immense physical benefits and they help to alleviate stress and pain which both impact how you look and feel.

Wearing a little bit of makeup. Now, this does not mean you have to feel like a cake face – But accenting your best features like wearing mascara to emphasize your lashes and give more definition to your eyes.

Having your eyebrows shaped or tinted is an instant boost of youthfulness. As we get older our eyebrows tend to thin out and not frame the eyes or balance the face as when were younger. My favorite for eyebrow tattooing, Gold Coast based salon that does a fantastic job.

Or maybe a lip tint or lipstick to give yourself a pop of colour or to make the most of your lovely pout.

Wearing a little bit of foundation can even out your skin tone and if it also contains a sunscreen you are looking after your skin as well against sun damage.

Going to your Hairdressers is a positive thing

Wearing your hair differently is always a sure-fire way to boost your confidence!

Different hair cuts will frame your face and bring out your best features and this also works with hair colour. A couple of shades lighter can be a perfect way to welcome in a new season and the same can be said for maybe going a little darker if you are feeling washed out.

My personal favorite trick for feeling instantly better about how I look in clothing is to have a spray tan! Instant tanned skin and I feel slimmer and more confident when I am wearing clothes that show some skin.

Tanned skin also has a slimming effect and skin will also look more even. Tanned skin does not show irregular textures, pigmentation or blemishes as clearly as a paler skin tone. But those that do sun bake will eventually have skin that is lined and damaged and not so attractive as they age. Love the body you have! Spending some time working on your grooming and self-care will help to lift your self-esteem and confidence. The world is waiting for you so put your best foot forward and get out there and know that you are amazing!

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