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Tips for Finding a Professional Pet Sitter

It is stressful enough to travel without bringing your pet with you. Choosing a pet sitter is a good idea if you want the animal to enjoy the comforts of being at home. This is especially true if you don’t want to purchase boarding kennels. It is tough to know who is the right person for the job because of the significant growth of the business. Here are steps to follow when hiring a qualified pet sitter.

Ask for references. This step is inevitable in identifying the most qualified person to hire. Veterinary officers can give good suggestions of qualified pet sitters they know of as well. There are also associations like Pet Sitters International and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters that are a valuable resource to pet owners. These organisations award, individuals with documents to show they are qualified to take care of pets. You can visit specialty sites like Angie’s list where you can find good suggestions.

Ask about experience and training. Hire a sitter who can meet the needs of the pet. Having some professional training is an added advantage because it enables you detect a problem early enough and even how to react to an emergency situation. Having some training also enables the sitter deal with special needs of the pet. Considering the length of time spent with different pets, you are now conversant with solutions to various conditions. Request the sitter to produce documents that proof they have been trained and certified to provide pet sitting services.

Find out about the cost of sitting services. The cost of pet sitting is determined by an individual or an agency hence it varies. The price of sitting a pet is also influenced by the extent of service provision, the nature of the animals and other factors. Analyse the components of each price and obtain the right package for your animal. Choose someone you are more comfortable with, even though they may be asking for more money. Eventually after settling on the price, get a written contract from the pet sitter.

Request the pet sitter to visit your home. Once you have known a few people that you would hire, ask to meet up so that they see the pet they will be handling. In the course of the interview, determine how the pet likes a potential candidate. Ask the sitter to explain in detail about the services they provide. Determine if the sitter knows of a veterinary officer to attend to the animal in case of an emergency.

Check the validity of an insurance policy. It is advised that you engage the services of a sitter with a reliable insurance cover.

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