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5 Of The Best Vitamins and Minerals To Take After Surgery

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Shortly after having surgery, it can be rather difficult to get back to your old self again. However, there are changes that you can make to your diet that can help you towards a full recovery. Certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients can contribute towards your muscles and bones making a speedy recovery shortly after surgery. Here are a few you should consider taking if your recovery period is taking longer than you wished for.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is common source of recovery for many doctors who are looking to heal patients. It promotes blood clotting which can contribute to healing incisions in patients after they’ve had surgery, particularly with cosmetic surgery Manchester where it can be quite a common occurrence. It’s also a source for building stronger bones in the body which is useful when a patient has just gone through surgery.

There are many foods that Vitamin K is present in. This includes leafy green vegetables such as spinach as well as other food sources such as egg yolk, broccoli, spring onions and pistachios. It can also come in supplement form, but be sure to consult with a doctor before taking this route.

Grape Seed Extract

As well as being a sweet and juicy fruit, the antioxidant properties of grapes are beneficial for surgical recovery. Grape seed extract is known to promote a healthy heart and reduce the chances of cancer. Overall, it can improve your vascular health, protect brain cells and increase well-being in patients.

Of course, the main source for gaining grape seed extract is from grapes themselves, but it can also be recovered from forms of capsules and fluid extracts.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an enzyme that is naturally produced by the body. It’s main purpose is to promote a healthy metabolism and providing the body with the relevant energy that cells need to digest food, heal wounds and have healthy muscles.

Coenzyme Q10 is mainly found in supplement form and can be consumed in different dose levels depending on the advice you’re given by your health practitioner.


Arnica is a form of homeopathic medicine due to the qualities it has to relieve pain and trauma, making it an extremely suitable nutrient to have post breast reduction surgery, for example. It’s main benefits relate to blood circulation and stimulating it to supply the heart efficiently.

A beneficial aspect of Arnica is the forms in which can be consumed. As it’s a plant extract, the most common form of consuming Arnica is orally, but it’s worth consulting your doctor first before doing this. Alternatively, it can be applied through creams/gels.

Fish Oils

Omega-3 is commonly found in fish oils and is highly recommended when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is because it’s crucial for many body processes including inflammation prevention and blood clotting. As well as its benefits after surgery, it’s also useful for treating many health conditions.

Typically, you can find fish oils through meals that contain fish or can be provided through supplement capsules that have a quota for how often it should be taken.

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