Joe Rogan unloads on ‘fat’ professors who say healthy eating is offensive: ‘F— off’

Joe Rogan slammed “fat professors” who defend unhealthy lifestyles in a Saturday episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

“F— off fat professors, f— off, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not in any way good,” Rogan said. 

Rogan’s guest was fitness influencer Derek of the “More Plates, More Dates” YouTube channel, where the two appeared to reference a document from the University of British Columbia in Canada. The document defended the removal of nutritional information from menus because putting the number of calories next to an item can be “triggering” for some students.

“It can be triggering for those with disordered eating habits or eating disorders,” the document to students read. “For those of us who have a rocky relationship with food, either in the past or present, it can be triggering when we are presented with caloric information, and it can affect our ability to repair our relationship with food. By stepping away from nutrition information, we can place a greater focus on the enjoyment of food and creating a satisfying experience.”


Podcast giant Joe Rogan has arguably become world-famous by having honest conversations with guests about a variety of topics. 
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Derek described how the university “removed all of the nutritional information apparently from the foods the students were getting on their meal plans, because it was ‘too triggering’ to show the calories.” 

He continued, “it presents this f—ed up scenario where you can’t even self-regulate, even the individuals who want to stay at a healthy weight, you can’t even figure out what the f— you’re eating.”


Rogan recalled a viral video showing a female professor, “talking about [how] avoiding certain foods is just ‘fatphobic’ and ‘it’s not based in science.’” He also remembered the woman saying, “you shouldn’t deny yourself donuts” and “to call some food ‘junk food’ is incorrect.”

Obese person measuring his belly.

Obese person measuring his belly.
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“How are you ever speaking publicly on this?” Rogan wondered. 

Rogan criticized the idea that people are disturbed by “actual data” presented about the foods they are choosing to eat, and suggested that it, “doesn’t mean anybody should tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but you should know.”

The host suggested that by demonizing

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Nutritious Eating on the Go

Many U.S. customers like to image on their own obtaining the kind of lifestyle that affords the time to sit down to everyday meals, spend some additional time in the kitchen to make new dishes, and the opportunity to assemble delicious appetizers for get-togethers with mates and household. Unfortunately for quite a few of us, it does not close up wanting like this. Food usually results in being a race to get foods on the table or digested right before the future exercise or dedication. Thankfully, having effectively when shifting in quick-ahead can be attained when armed with fantastic strategies using food items observed wall to wall at the grocery retail outlet.

Typically, ingesting “on the go” interprets to fast food items, but with a small amount of organizing, all the things needed for eating on the operate can be obtained from a retailer’s shelves. It might suggest counting out freezer things or piping-warm meal thoughts if traveling from household to one more location, but this however leaves a good deal of possibilities to choose from in the grocery keep, such as the middle aisle, bakery, dairy, meat scenario, make, and much more. A good strategy as we head into summer season may possibly be to assemble sample coolers in the vicinity of the foyer that showcase foods and beverages ideal relished chilled, together with attractive totes for hauling yummy ambient-temperature snacks for persons and people.  

The pursuing are some balanced on-the-go foodstuff and beverage thoughts from every single of the meals groups that dietitians want to see represented in a healthy diet regime.


Complete fruits, from grapes to strawberries, as very well as fruits needing peeling, like bananas or oranges, can be thrown into a chilled bag and kept out of very hot temperatures for simple nibbling. This would be a marvelous time to teach consumers on the healthfulness of canned and dried fruit — it features the identical nutrition as refreshing fruit — through signage or in-store occasions.  Consider marking down or offering digital discount codes for shelf-secure fruit bowls packed in 100% juice, or no-sugar-included applesauce cups.


Veggies can be eaten cold outdoors of the dwelling or a cafe. Preserve with this topic by pairing specific carrot, celery or peapod snack packs along with dips such as light-weight caramel, minimal-fat ranch dressing or hummus as a unique product or service mix. Offer you a

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