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What Health Hazards to Expect When Living in the Rural US

It is common for people to envision rural life in America as that living with the splendor of nature, breathing fresh air, and healthy food when someone mentions he or she lives in the rural area, but little do they know that there is more to country living than those mentioned. Either you reside in the country or in the suburbs, there are for sure some advantages, but be open to know that there are specific dangers too that could happen especially for people who are first timers in living in the country. In order to avoid these unexpected tragedies as you settle in the country living, it is good to know some of these dangers, which are generally in the form of health hazards, so that you can be prepared.

A comparison of death rate was done in several studies, and the results showed that there is much lower death rate in the US cities compared to that in the rural areas. One main reason pinpointed to this finding is that because of the lack of health care services in remote areas. Thus, a certain group under the so-called Specialist Direct, has opened a network of national remote services that can handle and specialize in assisting patients and family members through remote services the field of telepathology, telecardiology, and teleradiology. In order to prevent deaths that are actually preventable, it is a mandatory procedure for you to be informed of where the nearest health care services are located in reference from your house, given the fact that emergencies do not give an advice notice.

Popular media often portrays the people in the country as fit while city dwellers are overweight, but on the contrary, there is a statistics showing otherwise and opposite to that being advertised. In other words, there is a bigger number of overweight people in the rural US compared to that in the urban areas. Compared to many years ago, activity in the rural areas like farming is not anymore as physical today. To give you a regular exercise and help avoid this concern, it is recommended that you install a small gym in your house, and go trekking in your surrounding areas, or just take a walk regularly so will get your needed exercise to keep fit.

You will notice when settling in the rural areas that you may not find the same facilities or amenities that you are used to when you were in the city. One example is the unavailability of ready to drink tap water in the rural areas, which could affect your health and wellbeing, and a risk you have to take if you live in the rural area.

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