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You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. This covers any outfit they happen to be wearing. You thus need to learn to put forward the best example of your image. You need to put in that effort despite your destination. Here are some fashion quotes to give you inspiration, and guidance.
“A Well-Tied Tie Is the First Serious Step in Life” – Oscar Wilde. A tie is a necessity whenever you go for anything formal.
“Clothes Don’t Make a Man, but Clothes Have Got Many Men a Job” – Herbert Harold Vreeland. This means that whenever you go for an interview, the clothes you wear matter sometimes even more than the answers you give.
“Being Perfectly Well-Dressed Gives One a Tranquility That No Religion Can Bestow” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This goes to show the power of dressing up nicely in influencing your moods positively.
“If You’re Asking Someone for Money, Wear a Tie” – Unknown. Whenever you make a serious request, make sure you also look serious. You will not be assigned any money when you inspire no confidence on your part.
“Clothes and Manners Do Not Make the Man; But When He Is Made, They Greatly Improve His Appearance” – Arthur Ashe. You, therefore, understand that your appearance is important in concealing whatever flaws you have.
“Looking Good Isn’t Self-Importance; It’s Self-Respect” – Charles Hix. Dressing well is a sign you respect yourself, and you generate the same respect from others.
“Know First Who You Are, and Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly” – Epictetus. You need first to understand which fashion statements agree with you. You shall then choose your outfits accordingly.
“Dress Up Your Sportswear and Dress Down Your Formal Wear” – Luciano Barbera. It is important to dress as per the occasion. It is important to find out what sort of event you have been invited to before pocking the outfits.
“Like Every Good Man, I Strive for Perfection, And, Like Every Ordinary Man, I Have Found That Perfection Is Out of Reach – But Not the Perfect Suit.” – Edward Tivnan. No matter how hard it may be to be perfect all around, looking perfect was never unattainable.
“People Always Ask Me What the Trends Are, But I’m Not a Believer in Trends. Individuality Is More Important to Me, to Stand Out and Have the Confidence to Wear Something You’re Comfortable in – It Just Happens. I’m Comfortable Wearing a Suit.” – David Gandy. There shall be lots of trends, but you need to focus on getting your individual sense of style across.
With these quotes, you shall find dressing up a more manageable prospect. You may also discover more fashion tips and tricks by visiting this website.