The Benefits of Going To The Dentist

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Ok so we all know that we need to visit the dentist every now and then, whether it’s only a quarterly basis, twice or once a year. Whilst we know that it is important and good and that there are many benefits of going to the dentist, the main question remains, why is it good to regularly pay a visit to your local dentist? Here are a few reasons to help answer that:

Benefit Number 1: Helps Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Now I bet you did not know that! You must be wondering how in the world can going to the dentist prevent heart disease? Well to answer that question simply Chronic inflammation of the gums is due to none regularly cleaning. With regular cleaning and scaling, you can reduce inflammation-causing bacteria. As a result, the blood vessel function throughout the body is improved. Inflammation in our bodies is a main contributor to many diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

Benefit number 2: Detecting early signs of broken fillings and fractures.

Broken fillings as you know can be very discomforting and even painful. Well if you have never had fillings and you didn’t know, now you do. Prevention is always better than cure, remember that.

Benefit Number 3: Gives You A Brighter Smile

This has to be the most obvious reason to visit the dentist but has to be the most ignored. A regular teeth clean gives you whiter teeth and thus a brighter smile in the process.

Benefit Number 4: Saves Money

Yeah you heard me! It actually saves you money! Like I said before, prevention is better than cure. To illustrate this point further I will give you my own experience. I had gotten very sick and doctor told me that I need to be hospitalized but I however disagreed. A week later it got worse and I was admitted in hospital. Money that I could have saved by taking pre-emptive and aggressive action a month before which would have made sure that I never saw a hospital bed but instead waited with the mentality being that I am saving money.  Yeah don’t ever do that.


Ok so now there we have it benefits of going to the dentist and I am guessing if you are reading this and you have not been to the dentist in a while you know the next step you need to take. Find a great dentist in Nairobi if you do not have one and schedule an appointment with them.

There are many dental clinics in Nairobi so make sure when you are deciding on which one to go to that you make sure they have all the right equipment and experience as there are many out there that do not provide the quality of service that is required which will only make this worse than better. And that is what we call counter-productive.

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